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Pulaski Animal Care and Control thrives on the help of volunteers. We are a volunteer based organization. All the members of PACC started out as volunteers and decided we wanted to be more organized in our efforts. We can use volunteers to help with daily activities and special occasions. A full list of possible volunteer opportunities is on our application. Please fill out the application and return to We will screen your application for approval and get back to you as soon as we decide how you can help!

We need volunteers to help with the following:

 *Feeding and cleaning during week

 *Feeding and cleaning on weekends

 *Special events such as off-site adoption events

 *Transportation for dogs and cats to vet appointments


 *Pictures of new animals

 *Transportation of animals to rescue

 *Administrative duties (updating files, posting on web, etc..)

 *Walking dogs

 *Grooming/bathing dogs

 *Collecting Donations

 *Working Fundraiser events


Please Email your applications to

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